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    Scott F. Fetterolf Builder Inc. has been creating custom, upscale homes in the Pittsburgh area for over 35 years. The company has blossomed from a small carpentry shop to a full service building characterized by personalized customer service, thorough attention to detail, and comprehensive project management.

    Scott Fetterolf is known for his ability to integrate age-old craftsmanship and detail with the efficiencies of modern construction methods and products as well as his hands on approach to the client�builder relationship. His homes, which are frequently showcased on annual house tours, are characterized by exceptional style, quality and value. His work has also been featured in nationally circulated magazine, Custom Builder.

    Scott also has notable experience in residential lot development, be it large (or small) single home sites or multiple lot subdivisions, and has the ability to blend a graceful union of home site with the natural landscape.

    Scott also has notable experience in residential lot development, be it large (or small) single home sites or multiple lot subdivisions, and has the ability to blend a graceful union of home site with the natural landscape.


  • We could not have been happier than with our choice to engage Scott as our builder. His organizational skills were evident and so important, as he was able to work seamlessly with our architect, engineers, designers, and landscape architect. As he directed our project, he demonstrated a commitment to quality workmanship, while always being cognizant of the parameters of our budget. While executing the many complexities encountered during our construction, his vast experience, integrity, and attention to detail, allowed us to enjoy a comfortable working relationship from start to finish. We entrusted Scott to complete a premium quality product...and he did, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

    Mike and Linda Orsini
  • Delivering Quality, Value and Service to a Discerning Clientele. That's how I would describe Scott F. Fetterolf as a builder. In fact, my husband and I have now built 2 custom homes with Scott. Meticulous planning and product research are very much a strong point with Scott. I can honestly say from day one of planning and building, Scott skillfully listens to and incorporates continual input not only as a builder but also welcomes and encourages an open dialogue of the client-desired outcome. This progressive partnership results in capturing the spirit, personality and lifestyle of a client's home from design to reality. Scott's values of quality, craftsmanship, and material ethics, plus attention to details, make his homes standout. Client satisfaction seems to be the highest priority in Scott's book. Maybe that's why we just keep coming back.

    Tracey Georgino
  • We could not be happier with the home, which is a dynamic home on the bank of the Allegheny River in a mostly wilderness area 1 1/2 hours north of Pittsburgh. Scott was a joy to work with, as were his subs. I have done some construction work in my life, and can recognize fine workmanship when I see it, which happened here. The home from initial tree removal to final occupancy took about 16 months, which in my judgment was quick given the complexities of the project. We have tremendous respect for Scott and what he accomplished in this house; I often smile as I pass by corners and remember the time and energy spent in deciding what would be the best possible solution to some small design detail.

    I recommend Scott to my closest friends and associates, and will cherish the experience of building this home with him, as long as I live.

    Robert L. Jennings, Jr. and Barbara H. Bott
  • We bought a house 5 years ago knowing it needed a lot of love. Because we had lived in the house for so long, we knew just what we wanted and needed for the house to fit our family's lifestyle. The first time we sat with Scott we knew he was the perfect match for us. He listened very closely to what my desires for the house were as well as my husbands desires as far as budget. From day one his enthusiasm and creative eye for the project made us feel as if he was renovating his own home. Everything mattered to him and it showed in the quality of work in our home and in all the details that make it a special place. He has a great group of people working with him and they all care about the work they do. Scott was very patient in working with me and really got behind the ideas we had for the house. He brought many elements to the project ... a fantastic handmade iron railing I dreamt about came to be because of him. I never felt as if anything couldn't be done. Scott always seemed to work his magic and they just happened.

    He brings knowledge and experience to the table and it put me at ease with all the decisions we were making. I trusted his judgement on things and he made the project fun. I stand in the kitchen everyday and think to myself ... this is the home I always dreamed we would have. Scott and his team made it happen!! I can't thank him enough! He created the perfect home for our children to grow up in and for us to grow old in ... we will love it for all the years to come!

    Pink House Lane
  • Scott Fetterolf, President of Scott F. Fetterolf Builders, Inc., turned my long-time dream home into a reality. Scott's reputation for designing and constructing custom homes proved to be true in my experience. His designs are upscale yet tasteful and comfortable; the construction, quality of materials and workmanship are unsurpassed. From the design phase to construction completion, Scott was able to translate my thoughts, understand my needs and meet my expectations. The subcontractors used by Scott throughout the building and landscaping processes were equally professional and efficient. Scott's attention to detail was evident throughout. This resulted in a home that family, as well as friends, and I enjoy immensely. I would unequivocally recommend Scott F. Fetterolf Builders as general contractor for any new home construction project.

    Ed Stack
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